Phu Quoc experiencing rapid urbanization

Possessing ideal living conditions and the advantage of being the first island city in the country, Phu Quoc has all the elements to become a livable city. The demand for urban housing will be increasingly essential, opening up new opportunities for investors in this field.


In the subconscious of many people, Phu Quoc is a “resort paradise”, where the blue sea is white, sand, and yellow, with world-class resorts and entertainment complexes. But in the near future, the island city will not only be a “destination” but will be a livable island city, a new economic – financial center of the region, the urban appearance will have a change. spectacular.

In the report submitted to the Government and the Ministry of Construction for consideration and approval of the general task of developing Phu Quoc city until 2040, the People’s Committee of Kien Giang province determined the goal of developing Phu Quoc into a unique island city. ; is an economic zone with special status; tourist and resort center with high quality and identity, attracting domestic and foreign tourists. It will also be the major financial center of the region. The population size of Phu Quoc by 2030 is about 400,000 people and by 2040 will be about 680,000 people. The area of ​​urban construction land by 2030 is about 10,000-12,000ha and by 2040 it will be 15,000-18,000ha.

Thus, in the future Phu Quoc will have a big shift. In terms of development orientation, this will be a unique island city, an economic zone with a special position. Along with tourism – a key economic sector – Phu Quoc will develop in many fields: Finance, banking, commerce, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare… The population size will double now by next year. 2030 and will more than triple by 2040.

In particular, the urbanization speed of Phu Quoc will take place rapidly, there will be a “revolution” in the expansion and modernization of urban space. It can be seen that in the planning of Phu Quoc, there is not only tourism and resort but also an urban area with a modern and fully equipped life.

Essential infrastructure for life such as schools, healthcare, education, living space for residents, financial centers, etc. will also be invested. Therefore, if in the last 5-6 years Phu Quoc attracts large investment for resort tourism, the next time the focus of investment will be on urban projects.


In fact, Phu Quoc is also attracting strong investment in the urban sector. Of 326 investment projects (total registered capital of more than 354,700 billion VND), there are 58 projects registered to invest in the urban sector with a total planning area of ​​about 1,663 hectares, registered capital of 58,818 billion VND.

Attracting large capital into urban infrastructure is inevitable and also serves the goal of creating a balanced development of Phu Quoc. Because of the four development pillars including: Entertainment industry – Resort tourism – Financial and banking services – Marine economy, Phu Quoc has attracted strong investment in the entertainment industry – resort tourism with billion-dollar projects in North Island, South Island and Bai Truong area. But the premise for the other two pillars: banking and financial services and marine economy is only in its early stages, it is “marked” by a number of urban projects under construction.

With a scale of 266 hectares, Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc is the largest urban area in Phu Quoc. The project stretches from the east coast (Bai Sao – Vinh Dam port) to the west coast (Bai Truong), covers most of the central plain area of ​​An Thoi ward and is located on the arterial traffic axes. such as: DT975, DT46, An Thoi central avenue, East – West avenue…

It has the mission of laying the foundation for the development and expansion of urban space at the core center of the southern economic growth pole of Phu Quoc. Especially for public works, financial towers, offices for lease…

Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc will create important urban infrastructure for the development of the remaining two pillars of Phu Quoc: finance, banking and marine economy.

With fast and sustainable economic growth and a vision of a comprehensive and dynamic island city, Phu Quoc promises to be one of the most livable cities in the country. As a pioneer urban area, developed with the same vision as the future of the island city, Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc promises to be the settlement center of the livable city – Phu Quoc.