• Watching and monitoring

    – Providing watching-up and monitoring services on similar, competing and bad faith applications and warning clients of the risks and possible solutions to protect their interests.
    – Representing and assisting in oppositions, appeals and taking actions against similar, competing and bad faith applications.

  • Analysis and assessment

    – Research, study and analysis of possible infringements of intellectual property rights and advising on whether it is possible to launch certain products or services in the market without infringing other parties’ rights.
    – Representing and assisting in obtaining official assessments on infringement and/or non-infringements from the competent authorities serving as a legal basis for determination of the need for further action.
    – Advice on legal consequences of possible infringements of IPRs as well as suitable legal actions against the infringement acts to be taken by the IPR holder or other appropriate remedial options.

  • Enforcement 
    – Cease & Desist Letter
    – Administrative Proceedings
    – Civil Procedures
    – Border Measures
    – Criminal Prosecution


  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    – Conciliation: arrangement of separate third-party reviews of our client’s and the opposing party’s concerns and legal claims to reach a proper solution.

    – Mediation: coordination of joint meetings with a recognized third-party to reach a non-binding mutually beneficial agreement.

  • Arbitration

    – Assisting in the review  and  negotiation  of  commercial  contracts,  where  a method of arbitration and location are determined (Arbitration Tribunal or ad hoc arbitration).

    – Initiation of and representation for the duration of domestic arbitration proceedings.

    – Support in the enforcement of foreign arbitration awards through petitioning Vietnamese courts for recognition of the award and permission for enforcement, notarizing proper legal documents, and submitting documentats to the relevant enforcement departments.

  • Administration Court
  • Civil Lawsuit 
  • Criminal Lawsuits
Holding Hands After Making An Agreement With Both Parties After